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IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home: Does It Really Work?

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IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home: Does It Really Work? IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home: Does It Really Work?
Can IPL laser hair removal at home really do what it promises? Can it provide the kind of spa-level effectiveness you need? Not all IPL devices are equal, but with the RoseSkinCo IPL device, effective, comfortable laser hair removal at home is finally a reality.

How IPL Hair Removal Works

To understand how IPL laser hair removal at home can be feasible, we first have to understand how it works. The problem with removing unwanted hair is that most methods target the hairs themselves but don't get at the root of the problem: the follicle. If you don't target the follicle, the hair will just keep coming back.

An IPL device releases light energy, which targets the melanin, or color, of the hair and travels down the shaft to the follicle. It heats up along the way, and by the time it gets to the follicle, that heat is enough to damage the follicle. Once the follicle is damaged, it won't keep growing hair.

Does IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home Really Work?

Judging the Past

In the past, at-home treatments were disappointing. Previous generations of IPL devices for home use didn't have the power necessary to effectively destroy the follicle. You might see some minor improvements to unwanted hair growth, but in general, the devices cleared for at-home use were simply too weak to do the job; yet anything stronger wasn't safe unless used by a professional.

In addition, IPL hair removal at home was often quite painful, which caused many people to visit expensive spas instead, where they could also receive topical treatments to reduce some of the discomfort. Today, however, thanks to advances in technology, things are much different.

Choosing the Right IPL Device

Today, hair removal at home can be just as comfortable and effective as any spa: and it's far cheaper! The trick is in choosing the right technologically advanced laser for the job. That's what you get in the RoseSkinCo IPL handset.

This powerful laser is also safe and gentle, offering a pain-free experience. It works on any part of the body and is safe to use from the face to the ankles and everywhere in between. When you have larger areas to treat, such as the legs, glide mode offers continuous flashing, so you never have to worry about missing spots. When you need to target a smaller area, like the upper lip or underarms, stamp mode allows for perfect precision.

What to Look for to Ensure Effective Results at Home

For years, received wisdom has been that IPL laser hair removal at home simply can't offer effective results. While that was once true, it's possible today when you choose the right IPL device. Here's what to look for:

Safety for All Skin Types

Previous IPL devices would burn skin that wasn't extremely light and couldn't find any hair that wasn't jet black. Modern technology allows us to get around that problem. Choosing an advanced at-home IPL device like that from RoseSkinCo means you can safely treat all but the very darkest skin tones and most shades of hair color.

Proven, Clinical Results

The next thing to look for as you choose a device for IPL laser hair removal at home is one with proven results. When you get a 90-day money-back guarantee with your device, as you do with the RoseSkinCo IPL, you know the manufacturer isn't afraid you'll be disappointed with your results.

Robust Safety and Certification Features

To be effective, an IPL device must be able to send powerful light pulses to target the follicle. If you're going to use this kind of technology at home, you need some assurance that it's safe. Trust only devices that have FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications and that are backed with warranties like that available on our IPL hair removal device.

Tips for Getting the Results You Want

Use It Once a Week

Hair growth happens in stages, and IPL can only target follicles in the active growth stage. Not all your hair will be in this stage when you treat it. As you wait a week, more of the unwanted hair will enter the new phase and can be treated. Treating more often than once a week isn't more effective, however, as the hair needs some time to get into the right phase.

Avoid Tanning and Sun Exposure

You'll get the fastest results when the contrast between your skin color and hair color is greatest. Thus you want to avoid doing anything that decreases that contrast, including sunbathing, tanning, or using tanning creams.

Effective At-Home IPL Hair Removal Is a Reality

The old days are gone, and with the right IPL device, you can save money and get the results you want from IPL hair removal from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Visit RoseSkinCo today and find out more about how our IPL Handset can change your life.